Audiology and Hearing

One of the first steps in childbirth is to hear the child cry. This first cry of the child induces laughter and joy among the family members of the little child. The hearing is also the first stimulus that the child responds to. When you call out to your child and see the little eyes light up in joy, and turn towards you – the feeling is indescribable in words.

At Ankura Children’s Hospital, we run a comprehensive check-up of your child’s hearing skills. Paediatric hearing clinics specialise in dealing with hearing related issues of children. Hearing skills are crucial to communication abilities and go a long way in shaping your child into a happy and cheerful personality.

We at Ankura Children’s Hospital run extensive Audiometry tests that are intended to reveal any problem in the child’s hearing, by observing reactions, behavioural tendencies and general response to stimuli. Audiometry is the science of observing and analysing hearing acuity and human response to various pitches, tones, and frequencies. We are exposed to some sounds on a daily basis, and our response to them forms the crux of our communication abilities.

Ankura Children’s Hospital also prides itself on a state-of-the-art paediatric hearing clinic. While there are some speech and hearing clinics, the needs of children are unique. Very often, you cannot treat a child with the same methods that you’d treat a child.

Our Doctors use the latest in Audiology techniques and suggest the latest in amplification devices for your child. Digital hearing aids, aural exercises, and other methods are often recommended to parents and children after well-documented research and study. Our tests are also customised to deal with problems in hearing for children in Indian conditions since it is markedly different from conditions in other parts of the globe.

Since children are not able to communicate their speech and hearing problems as freely and openly as adults and grown-ups, we have customised our processes intricately to get deeper insights about the hearing needs of your child.

Communication is among the most important aspects of one’s personality. Unlike earlier times, any problems in speech and hearing can be quickly dealt with today, if it is done under careful eyes and the supervision of a caring doctor. We run a series of hearing tests to ensure that when you call out to your child, your child turns, smiles, and runs towards you!

At Ankura Children’s Hospital, we fully understand the sheer joy and magic of that moment!

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