Expressing Breast Milk

Expressing Breast Milk

Until your baby is having demand breastfeeds you need to express your breast milk regularly to establish and maintain your milk supply.

We recommend that you begin hand expressing as soon as possible after the birth of your baby. Once your milk “comes in”, usually on days 2-3, you can combine hand expressing with using an electric pump. This is most efficient at maintaining your milk supply.

Wash your expressing kit out with hot soapy water and rinse between expressions. Sterilise it once per day at home. Store it in a plastic snap lock bag. Replace bag daily.

Express at least 6 times in 24 hours, including once overnight Gently massage and hand express for a few minutes before and after using the electric pump. Allow 30-40 minutes for each expression and alternate breasts during each expression time. Talk with us if you notice a decreasing milk volume. Label your EBM with your baby’s name and with the date and time of expression. Please put your labeled EBM straight into the refrigerator till the time you reach the hospital.

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