High Risk Deliveries

Most deliveries take place without any glitch or complications. However, in some cases, the doctors notice some difficulties with either the mother or child and at this time, refer Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to have a better look at the issue. Such a situation, when there’s obvious risk to mother or child, is termed as a ‘High-Risk Delivery’.

High-Risk Delivery has acquired a lot of importance in recent years since childbirth-related deaths have been a common recurring problem in India and other parts of the world. Gauged in the form of MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate) and IMR (Infant Mortality Rate), childbirth related complications are highly prevalent in many different parts of the country.

Obstetricians have to take stock of each and every situation separately since childbirth involves a lot of complicated procedures coming together at the same time. And it is crucial that there is perfect coordination between the entire team. Another critical aspect of the work is that the decisions have to be taken very quickly. Along with the doctors, the nursing and support staff have to be constantly on their toes and prepared for any complication that might crop up during the process of childbirth.

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital has a team of highly skilled obstetricians and gynaecologists who combine their years of experience along with human traits of compassion and kindness, to deal with the most complicated situations that might arise.

Adhering to our core values of Cure, Care, and Compassion, our staff of doctors ensure that not only are they efficient and timely in discharging their duties, but also open, transparent and empathetic towards the patients.

We consider our patients as our friends and family members. And this reflects in all our activities, from the little details to the larger picture – our every step is incorporated keeping your priorities in mind. At Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital, we pride ourselves on bringing smiles to the faces of happy families.

Since our inception in the year 2011, we have been able to successfully complete hundreds of safe and successful deliveries, and this is because we are prepared for any sort of unexpected complication that might crop up.

Our efficiency, preparedness, and empathy are qualities that set us apart from our peers. Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a happy family walk out of our centre, holding hands, and smiling blissfully.

Team of Expert Doctors