Lactation Clinic

A mother’s relation with her child is the purest and unmatchable one. The moment the child comes out, the joy it brings to the mother has no bounds. The only way a baby can express is by shouting out in hunger or pain.


Breastfeeding is the most joy-full and important part of motherhood. Researchers have proved that breast milk provides the best nutrition for the growth and development of your baby. It is the nectar that nourishes the baby’s growth and health. It increases the immunity of the child as growth progresses. Most women can breastfeed soon after delivery successfully.

Helping supplements can be used if the mother is not able to produce milk naturally. Our lactation program at Ankura Hospital for women and children provides you with the best start to breastfeeding.

The Lactation Clinic at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children is a program specially designed for women to become aware of the importance of breastfeeding. We have board-certified lactation consultants who provide advanced training in breastfeeding management. Our lactation consultants are highly experienced in counselling, teaching and problem solving with latching or other breastfeeding issues that lactating mothers usually face.

Our doctors and lactation consultants are well trained and equipped to develop healthy feeding habits, and also impart the importance of a healthy feeding routine to mothers. Our lactation clinic assists young mothers who are facing problems with feeding their child. Apart from training and orientation, our support nursing staff also ensure that all the precautions are made known to the parents.

Lactation clinics have become essential for women due to many personal and professional reasons these days. Ankura Hospital for Women and Children is glad to be among the first and best-equipped lactation clinics in Hyderabad.

It is also important to wean the child off from breast feeding after a period

The first six months of lactation is very significant for the health and growth of your baby. Our team of lactation consultants and expert paediatricians ensure that the best feeding techniques are taught to all the first time moms. Our lactation consultants also ensure to guide you with the importance and time of weaning your child off from breastfeeding.

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