Newborn Screening for IEMs

Newborns usually look healthy but are very vulnerable to many serious health problems that may or may not be detected at birth. It is necessary to check if the baby is prone to any genetic and chronic illnesses to be on the safer side. Special medical screening with almost 30-40 tests is usually done. This helps to find out if the baby may develop any unwanted health conditions over a period. These tests are called newborn screening tests.

If left undetected and untreated, some of the diseases which are genetically passed on can lead to slow growth, retardation, epilepsy, partial or complete blindness or brain damage. Early treatment can prevent the occurrence of such severe problems to a large extent.

The newborn screening centre at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children in Hyderabad has the best equipment with advanced technological resources. The diagnosis is accurate as the baby’s blood samples are taken immediately at birth. The technology that is used in newborn screening has no unwanted or unnatural predictions. The tests are done under proper clinical research facilities.

You can feel free to opt for your baby’s screening tests any time at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children, in Hyderabad.

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