Food is the life source for our bodies. Food keeps our bodies running, and gives us the energy to carry forward our daily activities, giving our bodies sustenance and strength. Since ancient times, our entire lives have revolved around food. In fact, the day our ancestors learnt to farm and produce food for themselves, and stopped being hunter-gatherers, our whole existence on earth changed drastically.

However, from a race of people who prepared food for themselves, we live in a world where most of the food we consume is processed in factories and packaged and sold in aisles. While this might often be seen as a sign of a progressive and developing economy, processed food has become a huge problem for the people of this generation, especially in urban regions.

With thousands of restaurants, drive-ins, hotels, and food-stalls, we are never really far away from food. While obesity and overeating is a problem, our country also suffers from another serious issue that is diametrically opposite to obesity – malnutrition. These two contrasts of malnutrition and obesity make it necessary to use the services of dieticians and nutritionists. Dieticians and nutritionists are trained medical professionals who study and deal with the dietary and nutrition needs.

Trained Dieticians and NutritionistsAnkura Women and Children’s Hospital has a team of well-experienced and trained dieticians and nutritionists who provide counselling and treatment for problems about diets. Women and children have specific needs when it comes to food and nutrition. Since women experience childbirth and motherhood, their diet and nutrition need undergo some changes since they are giving life to a little one. It calls for a very specific diet and nutrition needs, and this needs the expert advice of a dietician.

Another common problem in urban centres today is lifestyle-related obesity. It is an ever-increasing problem and assumes serious risk proportions in today’s world. Our nutritionists recommend optimum diets, plans and treatments that are customised and optimised for your specific needs.

At Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital, we understand the growing needs of your child. Our dieticians and nutritionists are child specialists and take into consideration the personal, individual needs of your child before recommending a customised nutrition plan.

We believe that food is the magical ingredient of life. It is our aim to help you lead a long, successful life where you are fit, hale, and hearty. Nothing brings a wider smile onto our faces at Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital.

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