Ophthalmology deals with the rectification of diseases and disorders related to the eyes.

Sushruta, the ancient Indian surgeon who wrote the Sushruta Samhita in Sanskrit around 800 BC, has mentioned 76 different ailments and disorders of the eyes. Out of which, about 51 illnesses require surgical intervention.

Since ancient times, the importance of healthy eyes has been crucial to survival. Whether it is the early man, who needed to hunt and farm and find his way in the darkness. To the modern times where we need perfect eyesight to work on computers and enjoy the myriad beauties of the world.

While growing up, children often face a lot of problems with their eyes. It is extremely crucial that these disorders related to the eyes are diagnosed and treated at the earliest. If not, there are chances that the problems might escalate.

Ophthalmological processes could be both surgical as well as non-surgical.

Our team of doctors at Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital consist of highly skilled Ophthalmologists who hail from the most prestigious institutes globally. Our doctors add richness and diversity to the experience from treating numerous patients.

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital has been treating eye disorders since our inception in the year 2011.

We ensure our support and nursing staff keep our core principles in Cure, Care, and Compassion in all of the activities. To have a smile on our faces to lead the children through the treatment with patience and compassion.

Eyesight is one of the greatest gifts of nature, and we truly get to enjoy the beauty of the world and what it has to offer through a set of healthy eyes.

That has been our vision in Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital.

Team of Expert Doctors