Psychiatry deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders in patients. Psychiatry includes abnormalities in affective, behavioural, cognitive and perceptual abilities. Psychiatry today is a combination of both techniques of psychiatric medication and psychotherapy, which include various methods in practice too.

Psychiatrists are trained doctors who specialise in treating issues about one’s mental health. Psychiatrists are capable of distinguishing between physical and psychological causes of physical and mental distress. Therapists work in close association with patients to fully get a grasp of their mental distress and diagnose and suggest remedies and precautionary methods to ensure that they do not resurface in the future.

Psychiatry is crucial for everyone. Since a woman is constantly going through physical changes, be it puberty, adolescence, motherhood, and menopause, there is a constant hormonal change happening inside the system. Sometimes has an impact on the mental well-being, especially regarding mental stress. Observing psychiatric symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum are also important aspects of psychiatry for women.

Sometimes, women’s healthcare deals with extremely sensitive matters, like reactions to infertility or pregnancy loss, where the role of a psychiatrist is of utmost importance.

Along with women, children also often need psychiatric interventions. This is crucial because children have different needs and temperaments when compared to us adults. Every child is different, and sometimes we are not capable of communicating clearly. This could lead to anxiety in the child, which may further affect the child’s personality in the influential years.

Child psychiatrists are specially trained to examine, diagnose, and treat mental disorders in children. Who often go through drastic changes in the environment, physical growth, as well as social and familial interaction. Other symptoms which are common among children are attention deficiency, hypertension, and sleep disorders, which are all subsections of pediatric psychiatry.

Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital has a team of well-experienced and trained doctors who imbibe our core values of Cure, Care, and Compassion in their day to day work. Since psychiatry is an intimate and personal bond, we make sure that the communication is transparent.

Right from the interiors of our centres, to our interaction, you will notice that Ankura Women and Children’s Hospitals goes the extra mile to put your worries at ease. Psychiatry helps us to lead more fulfilling lives, it helps to rework on social and familial bonds and helps us to lead calmer and harmonious lives.

Those are the reasons why our Psychiatric team along with support and nursing staff work round the clock, every single day.

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