Welcome to Ankura Hospital

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Gautam Buddha

The bond between a mother and her child, the miracle of birth, has always been the genesis of all life in this universe. Since medieval times, the miracle of birth and the bond between mother and child has been a special facet of human existence.

Ankura Hospitals is a chain of super-specialty hospitals for women and children in the cyber city of Hyderabad. Set up in the year 2011 in KPHB, near Hitech Railway Station, the Ankura Hospitals family has today spread its wings to Secunderabad, Khammam and Vijayawada.

Principles of Ankura Hospitals

Working on the core principles of Teamwork, Service, and Professionalism, Ankura Hospitals has set up state-of-the-art maternity and infant care systems in the city of Hyderabad and prides itself on its team of highly qualified professionals.

From the moment you walk into Ankura Hospital for Women and Children, you will realise that for us, this is not just about efficiency and professionalism, but it is also a labour of love. From the bright, colourful interiors that will put mother and child instantly at ease, to our team of doctors who blend their valuable experience with care and compassion, we think of every minute measure so that you can celebrate the joy of life and birth.

Our team of Experts

Our team of doctors is assisted by professional, well-qualified nursing and support staff who work tirelessly around the clock to provide you with a pleasant experience. After all, childbirth is a miracle of God. It is the biggest miracle of nature.

We also have an expert team of paediatricians and Obstetricians who treat and counsel children and mothers with love and compassion. We understand the needs of children, which they do not think like adults, and have simple needs. We believe in becoming their friends first, winning their trust and then treating them with compassion and professionalism.

Why Choose Ankura Hospital

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children’s core principles of Teamwork, Service and Professionalism reflect in every action of ours, and we are focused on providing quality and affordable healthcare solutions for the residents of the city.

We pride ourselves on placing the needs of our patients at the centre of all our activities, and the state of the art facilities at Ankura Hospitals work round the clock to handle complications at any given point of time.

The woman of today is vastly different from the woman of a few decades ago. The woman of today is independent, juggles many responsibilities, and wears many hats. We at Ankura Hospitals respect and salute the modern Indian woman. We hope to be with you, to hold your hand as you make the most important journeys in your life.

Come, step into Ankura Hospitals to experience the zenith of professionalism, handled with a caring and compassionate hand.


Vision & Values

To provide the highest quality health care to both women and children, which is affordable by most people in India.

Adhering to our core values of Cure, Care, and Compassion, our team ensures that they are efficient and timely in discharging their duties, and also open, transparent and empathetic towards the patients.

We firmly believe that it is only when medical expertise is combined with a human touch, that medicine achieves what it sets out for indeed! Our every step is incorporated keeping your priorities in mind. At Ankura Women and Children’s Hospital, we pride ourselves on bringing smiles to the faces of happy families.